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MAT supports all languages such as JAVA, C#, PHP, Python, Go and other programming languages to develop. Developers can quickly develop smart contract based on MAT blockchain without learning a new language. MAT developer background will assist you to swiftly develop feature-rich blockchain applications. 。

Developer Background


All our document are uploaded in GitHub, welcome developers to discuss in Github. We look forward to building friendly partnership with the excellent developers. 。

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What can I do with developer background?

Smart Contract

Use smart contract to develop decentralized App


Develop the Wallet Client that support MAT, EC02, PIC and other assets


Develop blockchain games on MAT

Issue Assets

Quickly issue your own NEP-5 assets by using smart contracts(Multiple Atomic Request for Comments)资产

Exchange Integration

Exchange Integration

Other Modules

Develop blockchain tools like signature tools, and modules like the contract of interest-bearing by lock-up tokens