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About MAT

MAT multiple atomic chain measured over 10 million TPS can reach the realization of commercial application directly.

The Multiple Atomic Chain is a high-speed cross-chain asset circulation underlying public chain being built by multi-chain consensus, multi-chain parallelism, multi-atomic hybrid consensus mechanism and cross-chain atomic operating system. The MAT Multiple Atomic Chain has been certified by the CFCA with a measurement TPS OF 13 to 15 million per second. It is characterized by over 10 million TPS that supports the decentralized commercial application in many industries to realize business development application.

MAT create the most efficient underlying development platform with a -13140-hour continuous development,

MAT is committed to building a brand-new and efficient development system with an ecological underlying development model. 

MAT create a world-class blockchain infrastructure conveniently with a high-performance development platform ;

Authoritative certification, opening-up cooperation, win-win future

The MAT team worked with several universities and provincial supercomputing centers to rearrange and test the main network. The experimental speed exceeded 10 million TPS, exceeding all the published experimental speed data in the world. The version is already open to the common user. The MAT provides different GUI versions, including Linux, Windows and OS, to provide a better test experience to users. Friends around the world and advance are welcome. We also hope that more partners to reach a win-win future.

Development History

2016.09: MAT project planning and demonstration

2017.02: MAT project research and development

2018.04: Applying and obtaining a series of related intellectual property rights

2018.06: MAT multiple atomic chain opening test stage

2018.07: MAT multiple atomic chain measured to a TPS over ten million .

2018.08: Subic of Philippines and other countries began to cooperated with MAT underlying application

2018.09: Roadshows at home and abroad, sign contracts with a number of investment institutions and media parties

2018.12: CFCA official TPS certification conference, and the MAT wallet internal test version is online

2019.01: MAT wallet, blockchain browser officially launched

2019.03: MAT has become a member of China-Philippines Countries Trade Promotion Association under the Belt and Road initiative. The MAT Multiple Atomic Chain has won the Global Innovation Digital Economy Top Ten Innovative Enterprise Awards.

2019.04: MAT Multiple Atomic Chain free-issuing function is online, multi-currency browser and contract development are completed. MAT and Tsinghua Tongfang partnered to created a new model of “blockchain+smart city”.