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MATBlock Multiple Atomic Hundred Chain Plan




What is the Multiple Atomic hundred chain plan?

The Multiple Atomic hundred-chain plan is one of the important development plans for the global marketing of MATBlock multi-chain underlying development platform.It is jointly sponsored by MATBlock and the Singapore WMARC Foundation.Users can get on the chain with one click base on MATBlock development platform MARC1.0(Multiple Atomic Request for Comments 1.0).

Development protocol set parameters through smart contracts,whether you are a developer or an operator you can experience issuing in the underlying public chain with tens of millions of TPS transaction speed.

MATBlock Multiple Atomic Hundred Chain Plan

Through the MATBlock developer platform(,the API permission interface is accessed,also can be compiled and developed with the SDK.

At the same time,there is detailed tutorials help developers to successfully develop their projects.MATBlock will be rapidly fissile through the way of ecological drainage to make the MAT developer platform become the industrial chain cluster of the blockchain industry.The MATBlock hundred plan will be combined with the MAT Global Node and the WMARC Foundation to truly combine value and application!

MAT Multi-Chain Advantage:

MATBlock is a high-speed cross-chain asset circulation underlying public chain constructed by multi-chain consensus,multi-chain parallelism,multi-origin hybrid consensus mechanism and cross-chain atomic operating system.MATBlock is a blockchain underlying ecosystem,which can realize point-to-point value transfer via value transfer protocol.It has high performance,high throughput,fast and secure features,and thus builds a decentralized scenario application development ecosystem platform supporting multiple industry sectors(financial,Internet of Things,supply chain,social,gaming,e-commerce,tracebility,trading,etc.).

The MAT multi-chain team jumped out of the traditional thinking and made a core breakthrough from the algorithm level.It developed a unique series of core algorithm systems—node random selection,discrete to continuous,synchronous consensus,asynchronous sequencing,linear expansion.multiple hidden layer networks,judging congestion/balance,the performance of MATBlock is optimized by algorithm and innovative consensus mechanism,and it is repeatedly deduced by a large number of tests and verification,and finally presents a million levels TPS.which presenting an amazing TPS providing sufficient technical support and stable performance guarantee for the development of commercial applications.In order to create a popularized decentralized commercial application for the MAT developer platform,and further create a future commercial application system for the MATBlock blockchain.

The MATBlock Developer Platform introduces a one-stop service concept with a 7*24 fast response mechanism.The independently developed service-oriented BaaS(blockchain-service)management system is fully staffed,and the system integrates multiple functions.The PC and mobile devices are automatically synchronized all the day,demand intelligent dispatch,and intelligent progress monitoring.

MAT hundred chain plan is coming

The MAT Hundred Chain Program allows developers,enterprises and end users to form a three-in-one ecological closed loop through three dimensions of links,attracting each other,developing together,and achieving mutual benefit.The WMARC Foundation supports to airdrop 200 million MAT just to find your quality projects!The WMARC Foundation will select high-quality projects in the Hundred Chains Program and invest and support them after conducting full research and professional assessment of quality projects in the Hundred Chains program.

In order to smoothly implement the 100-chain plan,the MATBlock multi-chain has greatly reduced the Gas,enabling new projects based on the MARC1.0 agreement to reduce operating costs in the initial stage of operation,while the MAT multi-chain will spare no effort to provide all-round Incubation support(technical,operational,fund,risk control,media,community)to help project success!

As time goes,the blockchain technology will have more chance,and the accumulation of MATBlock technology will be more released to achieve the MATBlock 100-chain plan!Now MATBlock invites you to join the MATBlock 100 chains to build an extraordinary future and open a new era of blockchain

MATBlock Multiple Atomic Hundred Chain Plan