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MATBlock team was invited to the "TIE NY Blockchain Startup Pitch Night"



On December 9, 2019, the MATBlock team in new York was invited to the "TIE NY Blockchain Startup Pitch Night" at the Rise office, where startups projects and investors focused on new ideas and trends in blockchain, as well as the latest scientific developments related to blockchain in different areas and contributing to the development of this technology . 

TiE Global is a non-profit organization dedicated to entrepreneurs in various industries from incubation to the various stages of the entire entrepreneurial life cycle. TiE's operations are global and local-centric, with the core of five Foundation programs, namely mentoring, networking, education, funding and incubation.

This "TIE NY Blockchain Startup Pitch Night" provides an opportunity for tech startups and investors in the blockchain space to exchange different ideas. Organization brings together blockchain and other tech startups to build a community and platform that guides and facilitates interconnection of blockchain technology to businesses.

TiE investors said that the logic of the industry and the application of blockchain for the industry began to attract more and more attention from investment institutions, although many people say that blockchain is in the early stage of infrastructure construction, but we found that various industries and segments of  applications of investment layout more and more marks blockchain industry in physical application and better prospects in the future.

In addition, there are investors who say that we can not ignore the place of digital assets in all industries in the future, Blockchain is going in two directions, in one direction, where will be more industrial application , and in the other direction, the digital asset market will still exist.

MATBlock New York team representing by Leo believes that blockchain investment has returned to rationality and industry has moved from a period of wild growth to a stage of regulatory orderly development. Interest of institutional investors in blockchain projects is mainly focused on technologies and applications, which focus on the prospects for the application of blockchain projects, as well as basic technologies such as basic protocols, anonymous technologies and blockchain equipment.

At this event, MATBlock New York team and numerous investors discussed the state and prospects of blockchain development in the world, as well as ideas and models of startups for investing in blockchain. In the future, MATBlock expects more commercial resources to embrace Blockchain and really implement everything that is related to each other.