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MATBlock Week 51 Project Report(12.09-12.15)




Mainnet Development

1. MATBlock underlying routine maintenance, mining system maintenance, performance inspection, security protection - complete

2.Scaling development of the mining model universal platform , in development stage

3.Broadcast rating, in development closed testing status

4.Transfer fee extension ,in development closed testing status

 5.Real-name data classification in upgrading status

6.Modification of real-name system process in upgrading status 

7.Conversion and upgrading of tge developer real-name authentication logic flow

8.Updating status of permission PSN algorithm and added license certification

9.Upgrading of developer's mobile phone number and identity verification link 

10.The development of journal data on the behavior of the platform introduced into the relational database for regulatory calls has been completed 1

1.Transfer of authority to verify the name, in development status

DApp Ecosystem

1.APP of the original cloud chapter points system is being upgraded

2.Gene chain DAPP functional modules at the prototype development stage

3.Matsutake chain prototype design is completed.

4.UI design of the Judicial PoE chain has been complete

5.Chinese mine safety chain, at the confirmation status

6. Asian medical chain, under development status for 90% 

7.The Shrimp crab will create prototype the of the game and project will start 

Event & Activity

1.On December 9, 2019, the MATBlock team in new York was invited to the "TIE NY Blockchain Startup Pitch Night" at the Rise office, where startups projects and investors focused on new ideas and trends in blockchain, as well as the latest scientific developments related to blockchain in different areas and contributing to the development of this technology . 

2.On December 13, 2019, Cui Hongliang, the secretary of the party branch of the public blockchain technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., led all party members to participate in the market community party held on the meeting room ”do not forget the original intention , remember the mission " thematic organization life, and the market branch of the party to exchange learning.