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Product presentation of Asia medical ecology public chain (AMEC) project



On December 17  took a presentation of the Asia healthcare eco-public chain (AMEC) project, organized by Asia healthcare eco-Public Chain Group and co-organized by MEDISUN Medical Group, Public Blockchain Group and Shenzhen MEDISUN Hospital Management Co., Ltd., was held in Shenzhen, China.

Li Xin - chairman of the Public chain Blockchain Group, founder and executive chairman of medisun MEDISUN Group, co-founder of CRO clinical R & D platform and director of the international virus Alliance organization - Dr. Wang Xiaofeng, internationally renowned economist and chief economist of the United Nations block organization Dr. Jin Yanshi, dean of Biomedical Sciences of MEDISUN, director of Biomedical Sciences, USA, M. D., Department of natural medicine, Germany, cell therapists approved by the Ministry of Health - Dr.Philip Choy, executive vice president of MEDISUN Medical Group -  Sun Yaqi, MEDISUN Medical Group consultant pharMATist - Liang Yaoming , MATBlock investors and Sun Yongqiang - Secretary General of Cango's special committee on blockchain, attended the meeting and delivered a wonderful speech.

The presentation kicked off with a presentation by Sun Yaqui, MEDISUN's executive vice president. Sun Yaqi said that the company with headquartered in Hong Kong, MEDISUN Healthcare Group is committed to investing in the research and commercialization of regenerative medicine products worldwide, as well as in high-quality hospitals and medical centers. MEDISUN invests in regenerative stem cells and patented vaccine technologies, including stem cell therapy for heart failure, stem cell therapy for liver disease, kidney disease, neurological disease, cancer, AIDS, and immune cell therapy for multiple cancers. MEDISUN collaborates with the Harvard stem cell Institute, center for life Sciences at the school of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University and Tsinghua University and other organizations to jointly invest in regenerative medicine and stem cell treatment technologies, using MEDISUN as a joint commercial holding and holding intellectual property worldwide.

With the increase in the incidence of cancer population in recent years, and rapid development of anti-tumor drug market, anti-tumor drugs are rapidly moving to the era of precision treatment, cancer vaccines are also in the spotlight by today. MEDISUN's director of biomedical research Dr. Philip Choy delivered a keynote speech on “cancer vaccines and cancer treatments". He shared the fact that cancer has become the number one killer in the China, in 2018 the number of deaths from cancer reached 9.6 million people every year in country, recorded more than 4 million new cancer cases common cancer-lung cancer, stoMATh cancer, esophageal, liver, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, according to 48.9% of cancer cases in China account for almost half of the cases in Asia. People are always waiting for the cancer symptoms to appear before they start treatment,and they can only be found early, can not predict early. The cancer vaccine is a new cancer treatment, NK immunocyte therapy, that can directly kill cancer cells and inhibit tumor growth and spread, enhance the patient's autoimmune ability, prevent cancer, and destroy early cancer.

The Chairman of Public Chain Blockchain Group - Li Xin, gave a remarkable speech on the topic of "core strategic MATBlock technologies". Mr. Li said that Public Chain Blockchain group consists of companies in Shenzhen, Shandong, Jinan,Nanjing and Beijing, 100 chain change centers in national development will be established next year, incubation of 20 outstanding branches will also join the  Public Chain Blockchain Group. The underlying MATBlock technology is an independent development, certified by the National Super Computing Center beta report and the Chinese financial certification center owned by the national People's Bank,this year,“Shandong public chain”apply filing,through the National Network Information Office for the record, the technical name for the record is  "Blockchain underlying operating system”is the only "national team" record enterprises "blockchain underlying operating system" National Network Information Office for the record number: 37010219459759300014.)

Li Xin also said that the Public chain Blockchain Group and MEDISUN's group through continuous communication and exchange - reached a high degree of consensus, jointly build a public chain belonging to the public health of the family. This is the world's first medical public chain, with the National Network Information Office for the record of blockchain information technology service company. The application of blockchain technology in healthcare creates a decentralized "one thing - one code  - one chain " Asia Health Ecology Public Chain (AMEC), which aims to improve health ecosystem, with a focus on managing the entire life cycle of Cancer reagents, as well as cancer prevention and immunization, cardiovascular and other chronic diseases, for "reagent testing code", tracking code, booking code, creating an ecosystem of the healthcare industry with "prevention" as the core of the health industry ecosystem。

Internationally renowned economist and chief economist of the United Nations block organization Dr. Jin Yanshi made a speech about "one thing - one code  - one chain " which is innovative business model, Jin Yanshi takes the public blockchain company as an example, that chain doesent speculate, but empowering new areas of development. On January 10, 2019 the Cyberspace Administration of China issued the "management regulations of blockchain information services" , and on October 24, Politburo of the CPC Central Committee conducted the 18th collective training on state and trends of blockchain technological development, Blockchain is first mentioned at the high level of the National technology strategy,  "cryptography law of people's Republic of China" was adopted at the 14th meeting of the 13th standing Committee of the national people's Congress on October 26, 2019. Blockchain is one of the five major technologies in the information industry, and in context of such effective institution-building, more and more companies from all walks of life are reaching "one thing - one code  - one chain " to fully unleash Blockchain's " technology dividends." Next year is the first year of expanding opportunities for the real economy, and the Asia Healthcare Ecology Public Chain project follows the country and sweeps away fraud in the blockchain market. Next year, the Chinese economy will rapidly complete transformation and modernization to move to better growth in line with an independent innovation strategy aimed at strengthening the real economy based on blockchain. 

Finally, Wang Xiaofeng, founder and executive chairman of MEDISUN Medical Group, delivered a speech on the strategic positioning of the Asia medical ecological public chain (AMEC). He said that the healthcare system has many shortcomings and we have always followed the international medical route but had many limitations, and now together with the public blockchain chain is using blockchain technology to change the global health ecology and close all the gaps in the medical ecology. In the future, blockchain could bring a whole new system in healthcare, and we expect all people to have access to better services, better products, at the same time, we are considering setting up a charity to Fund the treatment of some low-and middle-income people.

Meeting of the Asia Healthcare Ecology Public Chain (AMEC) end with applause, but promotion of the project will not stop, Public chain Blockchain Group will cooperate with MEDISUN Medicine Group together, supplement benefits, share resources, promote multi-level, broad areas of exchange and cooperation, use collective wisdom and firm actions to maximize the construction of the Asia Healthcare Ecology Public Chain Project (AMEC).


In the future, the Public chain Blockchain Group will continue to seriously implement decision-making and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, follow the National footsteps, based on the development stage, adhere to the goal-oriented, problem-oriented, constantly find problems, solve problems, unswervingly empower new entities, drive health care system into a higher stage!