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MATBlock Week 53 Project Report(12.23-12.29)



Mainnet Development

1.MATBlock underlying routine maintenance, mining system maintenance, performance inspection, security protection - complete 

2.Upgrade and development of original cloud chapter has been completed

3.Several new smart contracts on the basis of the original cloud of chapters have been completed.

4.Upgrade of the developers real name hierarchy have been completed.

5.Upgrade of the developers real name hierarchy have been completed.

6.Upgrading of developer's mobile phone number and identity verification link have been completed.

7.Transfer of authority to verify the name have been completed.

8.Reinforcement of MATBlock underlying security encryption in progress.

9.A sort out of the needs assessment of Hollywood entertainment ecological chain and carried out logic of processes

10.Hollywood Entertainment Ecological Chain Technology docking in progress

DApp Ecosystem

1.The original cloud chapter APP points system, upgrade completed.

2.Prototype development of the Gene chain DAPP functional modules have been completed

3.Matsutake chain prototype design is completed

4.Judicial PoE chain under development 80%

5.Chinese mine safety chain, at the confirmation status 

6.Asian medical ecological chain, market-side development completed

7.MATBlock based multi-chain decentralized im social system, added attendance, invite sharing and group limit adjustments.

8.Updating MATBlock official website, team members and project milestones  - under adjustment process .

9.Shrimp crab game design and development in synchronization process

10. A prototype was developed and the scheme of the new retail ECO-chain of  "Golden ingot"  group was confirmed"

11.Brand management center "ecological chain of the Chinese brand" under program planning and design.

12."Zibo Blockchain Industrial Park", a blockchain project under underlying planning and design

Event & Activity

1. On December 23, 2019 MATBlock team in New York attended the event  Prescriptive Security with Chef Inspec for Developers event that took place at the Stack OverflowInc office. The event was focused on teaching about Chef InSpec, an open source testing framework for infrastructure with a human and MAThine-readable language for explaining compliance, policy standards, and security. InSpec’s flexibility makes it a key tool option for incorporating security into a complete continuous delivery work flow lowering the risk of new features and releases breaking established host based security guidelines.