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MATBlock New York team attended in "Chef InSpec" developer conference



On December 23, 2019 MATBlock team in New York was invited to the Chef InSpec developer conference to learn about blockchain technologies, such as technology innovation, application innovation, technology convergence innovation, and industry solutions innovation, to help developers better understand the boundaries of blockchain capabilities and how to scale security with other technologies through a rich analysis of examples and high-quality projects abroad.

Chef InSpec is an open source infrastructure testing framework that uses a human and MAThine-readable language to specify compliance, security, and policy requirements. By using a combination of command-line and remote execution tools, InSpec can align the infrastructure with security and compliance guidelines, rather than waiting and remediating from onerous annual audits. The flexibility of inspection makes it a key tool choice for incorporating security into a complete continuous delivery workflow, reducing the risk of breaking host-based security guidelines with new features and releases.


This developer conference covers the basics of using InSpec, writing tests to reflect your organization's security guidelines, and managing InSpec as part of a high-speed workflow. Mandi Walls as Chef developer spokesperson says helping organizations use configuration management and modernizing IT practices to improve efficiency and long-term commitment to large and complex Web systems.

MATblock New York team been represented by Leo, he and Mandi Walls discussed several issues of blockchain developers ' concern under the theme of how blockchain implements technological innovation.


MATBlock, as the first-mover in the underlying technology of the blockchain, combined with its own forward-looking advantages of ultra-tens millions TPS underlying technology research and development, together with Chef InSpec's developers, deepens new technical concepts into various developer communities and dig into the new vitality of the blockchain.