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MacBlock Week 44 Project Report(10.21-10.27)




In the past week(10.21-10.27),the MacBlock's underlying development platform has progressed successfully.Now it is a summary of this week's work,thanks to the promoters and followers of MacBlock's ecological construction.

MacBlock Week 44 Project Report

Mainnet Development

1.MacBlock underlying routine maintenance,performance inspection,security protection

2.MacBlock file of the chain development.

3.Main network data verification,asset statistics ranking development

4.Mining contract adjustment,update development

5.Model development of the wallet creating

6.Web wallet upgrade development

7.Update rating data on the official website

DApp Ecosystem

1.Development of a promising cloud system continues,progress 95%

2.90%progress in development of the decentralized im social system DAPP based on MacBlock chain.

3.Game( interfacing with eco-community and complete 2 sections.

4.Tokenized mall in the planning stage

5.OTC modularity in the planning stage

6.DApp version 2.0 of the wine track in the planning stage

7.Gene chain DAPP In the planning stage

8.MATPOOL( updates,added new functions of referral program and token’s share function


1.The well-built"Shandong public chain block chain underlying system"MacBlock multi-original chain,successfully selected the state Internet Information Office on the release of the second batch of domestic blockchain information service record number announcement,listed in Article 215,Lu network information equipment No.37010219459759300014,through the national network letter office for the record review.

2.On October 21,2019,the chain transformation technology exchange conference,organized by the joint MacBlock,was successfully held in northeast region,Harbin,China.The purpose of conference is to revitalize old industrial base in the northeast of China with the help of blockchain technology to expand real economy,promote reform of corporate chains,accelerate transition to new and old kinetic energy,expand scope of blockchain and indicate direction of modernization of the real economy.

3.MacBlock New York team was invited to the”Internet 3.0:Decentralize Everything"meeting on October 22,2019.Where gathered nearly a hundred blockchain technology experts and investors.The participants exchanged ideas on the topic of blockchain-based decentralized Internet 3.0 and the benefits that blockchain-based internet can bring to society.

4.On 25 October,MacBlock team has attended the event held by the well known exchange Lbank and co-hosted by MacBlock,the event took place in Shenzhen,where the exchange spoke about their long term plan,and also shared the latest projects of their partners.