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MacBlock Week 45 Project Report(10.28-11.03)




In the past week(10.28-11.03),the MacBlock's underlying development platform has progressed successfully.Now it is a summary of this week's work,thanks to the promoters and followers of MacBlock's ecological construction.

MacBlock Week 45 Project Report

Mainnet Development

1.MacBlock underlying routine maintenance,mining system maintenance,performance inspection,security protection.

2.MacBlock file on the chain of custom develop multi-original cloud chapter,end of the development and test,to be deployed node.

3.File on the chain custom multi-original cloud chapter contract,in writing state.

4.File on the chain custom multi-original cloud chapter identity signature development,in writing state.

5.Web Wallet Upgrade development

6.Level of commission for translation,assessment of consensus.

7.Development is finished,ranking function of all asset types is displaying.

8.Mobile phone authentication with a real name transfers limits function are canceled.

DApp Ecosystem

1.Development of a promising cloud system continues,progress 99%

2.95%progress in development of the decentralized im social system DAPP based on MacBlock chain

3.Game interfacing with eco-community and complete 3 sections

4.Tokenized mall in the planning stage

5.OTC modular development,progress 30%

6.DAPP version 2.0 of the wine track in the planning stage

7.Gene chain DAPP functional modules in development stage

8.MacBox official website in under development


1.On October 29,2019,Ingamar Ramirez,MacBlock director of marketing development in New York,was invited to"San Francisco Blockchain Week",which brings together the world's blockchain community,industry elite,investors and technology enthusiasts to define future of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

2.On October 31,2019,the MacBlock team met with Zhang Weixin,president of China Private Enterprise International Cooperation Development Association,on issues related to the development of blockchain.Through depth discussion,Cango block chain committee will set up the Beijing MacBlock chain Change Office Contact Center,vigorously promote the MacBlock multiple-original chain independent research and development technology based on the underlying block chain,using the power of the association,to jointly create a blockchain technology enabling entity chain Change Service Center.

3.On November 1,2019,MacBlock chain will participate in the highly anticipated World Blockchain tournament“Try Angle"held in Korea,competing with 10000 projects for the”blockchain tournament"champion.The contest is a world-class blockchain competition organized by a subsidiary of Electronic News,the first major IT media group in South Korea.